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1UP Arcade Brisbane is Australia's largest Retro arcade, with over 200 original machines, and a dedication to arcade preservation and community. With a flat-rate ALL-DAY UNLIMITED PLAY entry, you can choose to play unlimited pinball at Brisbane's biggest pinball venue, or play on hundreds of original arcade games.

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You'll be re-living your childhood memories with everything from Space Invaders from 1978, to Donkey Kong, Golden Axe, Sega Rally, Shinobi, Wonderboy, Robocop, 4-Player TMNT and Simpsons, Time Crisis, Daytona, Point Blank, Double Dragon, Metal Slug, Galaga, 1942, Raiden, Bubble Bobble, Pac-man, Pong (1972), or a myriad of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat titles! Check out our games list for a complete list of games.

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