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Play the FeaturedFour (Wed 7th til Sun 25th of June)

As we steadily grow our range of classic arcade machines, our FeaturedFour tournament area is refreshed each week highlighting 4 different games from our collection.

This week you can play these four classic side-scrollers in our FeaturedFour area, on giant 65" screens! These FeaturedFour games will be available from this Wednesday to Sunday June 11th 2017.

1UP Featured Four: Rygar 1UP Featured Four: Ghosts 'n Goblins 1UP Featured Four: Xain'd Sleena 1UP Featured Four: Rastan
Rygar (Tecmo)
Ghosts 'n Goblins (Capcom)
Xain'd Sleena (Technos)
Rastan (Taito)

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