1UP Arcade News & Events

Get ready for our grand opening launch event!

1UP Arcade is currently putting together a world-class entertainment venue that's sure to bring back fond memories of the golden age of arcade gaming and introduce new gamers to a raft of unique titles that can't be duplicated on modern consoles. With as many as 80 operational arcade cabinets from day one, and plans to introduce a new game every week, all year 'round, 1UP Arcade will be the largest arcade of its kind in Australia. Enjoy fighers, light gun shooters, puzzle and sports games and cockpit simulators to your heart's content with our innovative membership system.

When we kick off in April, we'll be organising a grand opening event that's sure to thrill you. As details are finalised, we'll be updating this page with all the critical information on how you can join in on the fun. Want to be informed directly? Sign up below to get instant notification of the when, where and how of our grand opening event delivered straight to your inbox, and don't forget to follow us on social media for running commentary on our progress.

Need to contact 1UP Arcade before the launch for more information or a press kit? Shoot us a message through our Contact Us page!