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Get your entry to Australia's Largest Retro Arcade!

Our All-Day Passes give you unlimited credits and unlimited time to enjoy over 180+ Original Arcade Games & 25+ beautifully preserved Pinball Machines! Your all-day pass gets you unlimited free-play - No coins or tokens required! :-)
You can choose from unlimited Arcade, Pinball or our Super-Combo (Arcade+Pinball) for a big day out at Australia's largest retro arcade - right here in Brisbane!

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Unlimited play on 180+ Original Arcade Machines!

Unlimited Arcade Day-Pass
How Many ADULTS for Arcade?
$22 Per Person

How Many KIDS Under 16?
$18 Per Child


Unlimited play on 25+ Original Pinball Machines!

Unlimited Pinball Day-Pass
How Many ADULTS for Pinball?
$22 Per Person

How Many KIDS Under 16?
$18 Per Child


All-Day, Unlimited play on EVERYTHING!

Unlimited Super-Combo Day-Pass
How Many ADULTS for Arcade+Pinball?
$35 Per Person

How Many KIDS Under 16?
$30 Per Child



What people are saying about Australia's Biggest Arcade...

"What an awesome arcade. We went on a Friday for our sons 5th birthday and we all had a blast. To the classics to many others which had been forgotten were all there to play, the entire arcade was awesome and the team behind the counter were helpful and friendly. We will be back for sure. Loved the fact that you could leave to get food and come back between trading hours, that helped with little kids to get them food and come back for round two. Such a fun day!"

"Great selection of pinball and arcade cabinets. Most pinball machines In working and everything is free play for one flat fee. I spent 3 hours here on Sunday and loved it."

"We had a great time here playing the old school arcade games. You can get unlimited play of arcade and/or pinball machines for a set price. Good value."

"Thank you so much for helping me make wonderful memories with my daughter, this is definitely a fun activity to do for hours and before you know it its time to eat.."

"An incredible arcade, massive selection of single player as well as multiplayer games. Just bring ear plugs as the music was absolutely blasting and unpleasant at the best of times. Best arcade I've ever been to."


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