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About 1UP Arcade


Welcome to the greatest retro arcade destination in Australia

1UP Arcade is home to Australia's largest collection of authentic arcade cabinets from the 80's and 90's. With over 200 original arcade games and pinballs available, plus new machines arriving every week, 1UP Arcade is the ultimate destination to relive the glory days of 16-bit and 8-bit gaming, or introduce a new generation of players to the magic of a classic arcade, including pinball and our retro console lounge.

No coins. No tickets. No tokens. With every game on the arcade floor set to freeplay mode, you're able to enjoy all games equally whether you're a seasoned veteran or a complete newbie. Test your might on a range of game types, from fighters to shmups and from driving sims to lightgun shooters. Do you have what it takes to set a local record or get onto the leaderboards?


Frequently Asked Questions

When are you open?
12pm to 8pm Wednesday to Sunday.

How do I get there?
In Jan 2021, we moved up to a ground-level space within the same building. So you'll find us at 230 Lytton Rd, Morningside. We are located opposite Balmoral State High School, where Thynne Rd meets Lytton Rd. There's a smaller car park down the side and a large car park just off Lytton road.

Will you do functions?
Sure! Group discounts apply for all groups of 10+ during normal trading hours, plus we offer full venue hire outside of our regular trading hours for Brisbane's most exciting corporate functions and birthday parties! For more information on booking 1UP Arcade for your next function, please Click Here.

What facilities are available?
Convenient toilet facilities are available, plus we have some drink & food snacks to keep you going during your gaming marathon! We've designated an area where you can relax and enjoy food and drink, however to protect these aging games - no food or drink is allowed on the arcade floor.

Do you serve beer, cider (insert favourite booze here)?
We are not a licenced venue, but we offer a range of non-alcoholic refreshments. With plenty of venues in Brisbane providing a range of great alcoholic drinks, 1UP's focus is on the pure arcade gaming experience. We aim to create the ultimate arcade venue for enthusists and casual gamers alike, while being family freindly so you can show your kids the games you enjoyed when growing up!

What facilities are nearby?
We're just 5 minutes' drive down the road from the Oxford Street cafe precinct at Bulimba, so you can pop out for a bite at a range of restaurants any time!

Do you do pass-outs / re-entry?
Absolutely. Come and go as you please for the duration of your membership. Even our basic day-pass entry runs until closing time, and there are no limits on re-entry.

Are your games suitable for children?
All of our classic arcade games and pinball machines were released in the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s for public usage. However as there are a wide range of themes and topics represented by these games, we recommend parental supervision for all children under 14. With game preservation a number priority for 1UP Arcade, it's best to think of our arcade as like a museum or art gallery featuring a range of topics. To keep you informed as a parent, we welcome you to review our range of games in advance which are listed on our Games List page.


Game Questions

What games are available?
There's too many to list here! We have a whole page just for Our Games Collection. Check it out and bask in the nostalgia!

Are all your games original?
We pride ourselves on our collection of authentic hardware. Whenever possible, we've rescued, restored and refurbished 100% original arcade machine parts for our machines. This means we go the extra mile to source arcade-grade CRT screens to pair with our game boards and cartridges, so you get the real deal when playing your old favourites. Sometimes we have to make a compromise here and there with reproduced artwork and brand-new or converted cabinetry, but we keep the experience as close to original as we can.

Are your games in good condition?
If a game is on the arcade floor, it's ready for your enjoyment. Some arcade machines have had a rough life, but all of ours are fully playable - even the cockpit simulators! If you ever notice a joystick or button that is not working, or something with a game which isn't right, just let a staff member know and our techs will get right onto it. Our passion is ensuring the condit ion and quality of these games, and sharing them with arcade lovers everywhere.

How long until you can fix game _____
We take care to ensure our classic arcade games are treated well, but with the largest active collection of classic arcade games in Australia (and most games being 20-30 years old) there's going to be some failures :-( If you see an out-of-order sign on any machine, you can be sure we're aware of the issue and doing our best to get the game up and running for everyone to enjoy!

How much do games cost?
All games are set to Freeplay in the arcade. No change, no coin-jams - just the biggest arcade of free-play games you've ever seen! Your entry fee gets you unlimited access to all our active games until closing time, so you can leave your piggy bank at home. (That said, please don't put coins into our machines! You won't get them back!)

How do I reserve my go on a popular title?
We encourage traditional arcade etiquette at 1UP Arcade. With a strong community of arcade gamers, we like to see gamers interact with each other. So simply asking for a go and then waiting for your turn is usually all that's needed. If you're feeling a little shy, then simply place a coin on the monitor bezel to indicate you are waiting for a turn.

What's the VS gaming etiquette?
Fancy challenging someone to a game of Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter? 1UP Arcade contains dozens of VS games where you can challenge one another, just be sure to check with the person currently playing before hand, as they may be trying to beat the CPU, or even attempting to set a 1UP High-score or world record.

How often do you get new games?
There's a new Arcade game on the floor every week! That's right, one new game every Wednesday. That's 4 per month, over 50 each year added to Australia's fastest growing arcade. There is always something different to play at 1UP.

Can I request a game?
Absolutely! We are driven by our community and we love to hear about the games played growing up and would like to play again. We also have our own huge wishlist of games we are always on the lookout for, plus there's always a few gems stashed away in 'the vault', getting ready for their 1UP Arcade debut.

Will you buy my arcade machine?
We are constantly on the look out for great games to add to the arcade, and share with everyone! With the support of our growing arcade community and even donations of arcade gear, we hope to ensure 1UP remains the best please to enjoy arcade games in the country! If you have an arcade machine, feel free to contact us.


Membership Questions

How do 1UP Arcade memberships work?
To access to the arcade you require a 1UP Arcade membership. Memberships range from a Day-pass for $18 or $15 for children under 16 (come and go as often as you'd like between 12pm and 8pm), and we offer Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly memberships for regular gamers at a greatly reduced rate. All memberships can be purchased or topped up upon arrival.

What does a membership get me?
1UP Arcade is driven by its members, and our passion is to make these classic games available for everyone to enjoy in one place, with unlimited access for a single membership fee. Each member gets unlimited access for the term of the membership, with the chance to set high scores and have first dibs on event invitations. Long-term memberships also come with some bonuses like 1UP T-Shirts and free bring-a-friend day passes to share the experience!

Can I extend my membership?
Yep. At any time you can purchase a longer membership, and it will continue after your current membership expires. To renew, update or extend your membership, just ask our staff.

Can I transfer my membership to a friend?
If your membership has one month or more before expiry, you can transfer your membership to another person. However, as memberships are specific to each person in our database, the transfer will be permanent (only allowed once per membership number). Memberships with less than a month left cannot be transferred.

Is there an age limit for entry?
While most classic arcade game fans are adults, we offer a family-friendly arcade and we do not serve alcohol. We're always delighted to see children enjoying the games we all know and love for the first time. However, for younger children under 14, we do ask that they are accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of 16. Please note our games and pinballs feature a wide range of themes, and may not be suitable for all ages. Children under 16 must have a guardian's permission to sign up for a long-term membership. Check out our membership terms and conditions for more info.


Other Questions

Do you have gift cards?
Sure do! We offer gift certificates for all tiers of membership, including day passes. The term of the membership starts on the day the gift certificate is redeemed, so it can be saved for when the recipient can get the most from their gift!

Do you hold tournaments?
We hold all kinds of events, including tournaments. Keep an eye on our events page, or sign up to our newsletter (bottom of this page) or social media to learn about them as they are announced. Some member-only events may not appear on the website, so be sure to keep your email address updated for notifications! We also host community workshops for arcade enthusiasts to come and share knowledge on sourcing, building, maintaining, repairing and enjoying arcade machines. Be sure to talk to our friendly staff and we'll make sure you get an invite!

Do you track high scores?
Absolutely! We track the top four local (1UP Arcade) highscores, plus speed runs and 1CC attempts on every machine we can. We are a registered arcade, where the best scores in the world are published online.

How do I set a high score?
Just let a staff member know you're making an attempt. Because our games are freeplay, or can have glitches exploited, we often can't record the game's own highscore screen after the fact. Once staff are made aware you're ready for some highscore action, they can keep a track of the attempt and ensure it follows the rules for the leaderboard you're tying to place on. If you set a local high score but didn't advise a staff member before playing, we may still be able to validate your score by observing your play style, and your ability to be able to recreate that score or similar. However, all world record attempts must be recorded from start to finish for validity. Just ask our staff how.

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